“I assure you that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good HAIR.”

The Mop.

That’s it. I’m done. My experiment with long hair ran its coarse. I’m getting my mop chopped. I no longer do anything to it except braid it or put it up, so what’s the point, really?


Below are some examples of hairstyles I pinned to my Pinterest board. Help me figure out what to do!

My criteria for any hair cut is simple: LOW MAINTENANCE. I hate fussing over my hair, and I can’t afford to get it cut every four weeks, so it has to be practical and have longevity.

I’m willing to blow dry it daily, but curl or flat iron only occasionally. I’d like to avoid hair products altogether.

I know. I KNOW. I’m a grown woman with a twelve-year-old tomboy mentality.

Option #1:

I basically see the two hair cuts above as the same, but one is blown out and the other is flat ironed. This is my favorite style inspiration so far, and the one I think looks most like me.

However: bangs.

I haven’t done that in, oh, I don’t know, fifteen years? Doesn’t one have to have one’s bangs cut often? This seems out of scope for my low maintenance criteria.

Unless: hair clip. That might give me some longevity between cuts.

Option #2:

This is another option I’m considering – keeping it longish but cutting some bangs.

But again: bangs.

Also: I’m tired of my long hair.

In conclusion: this is cute, but I think I’m over it.

Option #3:

I love, love, LOVE the cut on the left. I used to have hair like this and it really worked for me and I loved how easy it was.

However, when my hair was cut like this my face was more… how shall I say?… svelt. Yes, svelt. In fact, all of me was a little more svelt when my hair was cut like this.

Lately with my increased roundness, I’m not sure I’d like myself as much in this hair cut.

Also: I don’t know how to put on eye liner, and this chick looks smokin’ hot with her sassy hair and dark eyes.

And I love the idea of the haircut on the right, but I can imagine that with my blond-ish hair color and lack of texturizing hair product I might look a bit like the end of a Q-tip.

Or it would resemble a football helmet like Sally Field in Steel Magnolias.


What say you? I lean toward Option #1.