Date Night on a Budget

Date night

We’re pinching our pennies for date night these days, so I was excited to remember I’d bought movie passes on Groupon months ago.

A free movie + conversation over steak tacos = a win for budget date night!

Which gave me a great idea! Because our entrepreneurial income tends to fluctuate throughout the year, I think I’ll buy myself a movie gift card and refillable cash card when times are aplenty, and save them for when times are lean.


I’m full of great ideas.

Surprise Date Night


It was Tuesday, and Bryan surprised me with tickets to Mike Doughty at Neumos.

mike doughty 10:15

I knew we’d be up late, but I got a little wide-eyed when I saw what time he’d be on stage. You see, on most nights around 10:15, I’ve already fallen asleep in the middle of a 30Rock episode.


But thanks to a yummy drink (or two) at the Lobby Bar and a street vendor hot dog, I stayed awake.

AND we scored this awesome wide open vantage point from the side, because standing on my toes to see over the 6 foot tall guy blocking my view and elbowing the drunk chick out of my personal space is SO 10 years ago was never my thing.


And THEN Bryan spotted Little Miss Sunshine – that chick in the front row who looks like she’s plotting twenty five ways to castrate her boyfriend.

Lighten up, honey. It’s a rock show, and you have the best seat in the house!

Shortly after I snapped this photo, she pulled her phone out and started texting. When Mike Doughty saw this, he reached down, grabbed her phone, and shoved it in his back pocket.

Reason #42 why that man is brilliant.

Date Night

Date Night at the BerlinerDate Night at The Berliner Pub

It’s been a slow year for movies, so we’ve been spending a lot of dates actually talking to each other. A new place just opened up near our house that serves German beer and a sausage sampler plate, which is both filling and cheap.

The place has tons of big tables for large groups or community seating, so we camped at the end of a table one evening and played Settlers of Catan.

I beat Bryan on this particular night, hence the hand on furrowed brow look in the photo. It was a full-on ass whoopin’ of Biblical proportions, and there was much rejoicing (by me).

Date Night

Catan at Calamity Jane'sDate Night at Calamity Jane’s in Georgetown.

I really like this guy. And I really like that he still takes me out on dates after ten years of marriage.

Even during seasons when we didn’t like each other much, we still went out on dates. They were awkward and we definitely were just going through the motions, but I think it kept us from allowing a great chasm of silence to develop between us.

Because there we were every other Saturday night, staring at each other across the table, sizing up where we were at.

Our dates are much more fun now that we’re madly in love again.

Here I am waiting for Bryan to make his move at Settlers of Catan. He loves to crush me, and spares no mercy for even me, his wife.

Which makes it even more rewarding when I take him down.