Today: Chuck Norris, Walter White, and McDreamy’s Lover.

Seven years ago today, this awesome guy (who now strikes me as a Chuck Norris look alike), died from lung cancer:

Gordy and Jen in woods copyGordy & Me. I was about Ruthie’s age.

A few weeks ago Bryan and I watched the episode of Breaking Bad where Walter hears his official cancer diagnosis. I don’t remember all the details, but there was mention of Small Cell or Non-Small Cell lung cancer.

Gordy had one of these, but I don’t remember which one. My lack of memory is maddening sometimes, but I remember he had the kind that is rare for non-smokers to get.

At any rate, I never thought anything about anything as we watched a show about a guy with lung cancer until I heard the words, Small Cell Lung Cancer.

I heard those words like the crack of a whip or the shattering of glass – high and sharp in my ears, while the rest of the show and general ambiance in the room faded into a muffle, like I was wearing headphones.

And then it passed.

The moment was so unnatural that I half expected to hear a sad song with Ellen Pompeo’s voice narrating my thoughts.

Anyway. This picture reminds me that my kids have never been to the cabin.


Fuck Cancer.