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Here you can observe the Zugs in our natural habitat.

I am sitting in my favorite chair, updating my grocery list. I have just finished folding the laundry, and the shirts I need to iron have been tossed carelessly over the back of the chair. The kids are playing in the fort they made where they each say no one is allowed yet they are always in there together.

When this much fun can be accomplished in nine square feet, who needs 2,200?

For the past several months I have taken car loads of treasures to the Goodwill for someone else to enjoy – things I’ve been hanging on to just in case. I’ve dumped hundreds of old magazines in the recycling bin and given bags of clothing to friends.

Almost a year ago we moved our bedrooms down to the main floor from upstairs, and for months I never even went up there. With the exception of my office and the laundry room, we’ve basically been living in a 925 square foot space.

So when I stepped into a friend’s loft apartment in Pioneer Square the other night – a loft that was spacious and open and felt bigger than my 925 square feet of divided rooms – I knew right then that we could do this.

Well, maybe not this, as in a loft apartment in Pioneer Square, but we could definitely downsize.

So this is what we are working toward – living with less so we can do more.

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  1. as always you inspire and amaze me Jen Zug! Rock the energy you ‘ve got going and get that Chi flowing baby!

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