Surprise Visit


I got a call on my cell phone several hours ago from my mother. I debated whether or not to answer it, because we were in the car and about to pick up our kids from a friend’s house. But I answered, figuring I could just say a quick hello, then call her back later.

So we were chatting, and I was asking about a vacation she was planning, and had she done that yet or was it still coming up. And she says, Well that’s why I’m calling – and proceeds to go into great detail about having a five hour layover for a flight that doesn’t leave until 12:30 in the morning and how she was all in a tither because she lost her cell phone earlier, but was happy to have it back, only she had to make Stan turn the car around when they were heading out to dinner so she could go back to the airport to find the lost cell phone.

I take a deep breath while I sort through this complicated plot.

“Wait a second,” I say, realizing she’s talking about her COUSIN, Stan, who lives 20 minutes from here. “Are you at the SEATTLE airport right now?”

“Yes! Yes! That’s what I’m trying to tell you!”


Ironically, we were driving past the airport as I discovered this. I looked out my window and saw airplanes lined up at the N gates along the freeway.

“Well, let me pick up the kids and we’ll come by to see you!”

I guided her via cell phone onto the train from the S gates while Bryan went into our friends’ house to get the kids. Then we drove town to the terminal and she met us outside the Northwest Airlines baggage claim. We tucked her into our car, and whisked her away.

The kids were ecstatic.


At home in our living room Ruthie had Gamma’s lipstick out in 2.4 seconds flat, and applied enough to her face to make The Joker very proud. Gamma is well known in this house for her shoes, her jewelry, and her make-up, and Ruthie wasted no time covering all these topics.

We love our Minnesota Gamma, and were very happy to be surprised by her late night visit. The kids are now asleep, and my mom just called to say she is boarding her plane. Sweet dreams, Mom. Hope you sleep better on the plane than I do!

4 thoughts on “Surprise Visit”

  1. What a fun visit for me – I’ve looked at these pictures many times a day!! I will also remember the Seattle airport security area as I went through it THREE times, praying that the last time would not set off all the bells and whistles for this person who keeps going through the arch and the bags get a third checkout and I smile with relief when not a sound is made!! But I think I will not choose a red-eye flight again!

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