Sexy Too Soon? Body Image, Media, and Self Esteem

panel-pic-125Tonight I have the privilege of participating in a panel discussion in the Pathways Lecture Series with ParentMap on the subject of girls, body image, and self esteem.

I really don’t know how this happens, how I end up on a panel with people who have expensive titles and degrees bookmarking their names, particularly when I blog about twice a quarter these days.

I’m grateful to my peep, Jenny on the Spot, for floating my name to the organizers. To prepare myself, I will spend the day flexing my brain muscles & trying to finish at least one sentence in hopes that I will be somewhat coherent by tonight.

Also, I will flat iron my hair.

If you are local to Seattle and have an extra twenty bucks, I would love to have you join the conversation. If you can’t make it and still want to eavesdrop, be sure to follow my twitter stream (@jenzug) or the #sexytoosoon twitter hashtag.

I will also be joined by these fabulous friends:

Jenny Ingram – Jenny on the Spot / @JennyOnTheSpot
Taraneh Guidry – Seattle Mommy / @SeattleMommy
Giyen Kim – Bacon Is My Enemy / @Giyen
Maya Bisineer – Think Maya / @ThinkMaya
Leslie Flinger – Mrs. Flinger / @MrsFlinger
Mandy Morrison – Harper’s Happenings @teammandy
Brett Nordquist – Nordquist / @Akula

Would also love your thoughts on the subject, so please leave a comment here.

Here is a little bit from the event page:


Is six the new 16? When did 8-year-olds start wearing glitter makeup and skimpy skirts? And why do 6-year-olds prefer Hannah Montana and High School Musical to Curious George and The Electric Company?

This panel will discuss the pressures that today’s girls feel regarding their body image, sexuality and social status. What’s the new “normal” when it comes to makeup, minis, and tight, trendy, tees? What does “sexy” really mean these days? And where are the grown-ups while all this fast-tracking is going on?

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