Sexy Is…



When I asked Bryan if he could show me how to add book cover images to the sidebar of this website you would have thought I just handed him four backstage passes to a U2 concert.

He loves me dearly, but I think he wants to pull my hair out when he tries to show me geeky computer stuff and I whine, “I don’t have room in my head for all this, just do it for me.” So when I asked him to show me html code for customizing my blog, he gazed at me with stars in his eyes.


Yesterday afternoon when Bryan said, “What do you think about going to the pool?” I thought about jumping him right there on the spot, I was so turned on.

It’s not easy being spontaneous and adventurous with two small children, a dog, a mortgage, and a husband who likes routine, but I bloody my fingernails clinging to the Free Spirit within me who is hungry for some attention. I feed her a few random trips to the mall or the occasional night out with the girls, but those usually just involve me, or me and the kids. Nothing satisfies her cravings more than when Bryan is excited about being a Free Spirit, too.

The second orgasm came when he suggested we grab some pizza for dinner before heading home. Whoa. This is a man on the South Beach diet offering to buy me a pizza even though he gets a salad. No man can touch me the way a pizza can. Yet, I felt loved and cared for, not by the pizza, but by the scrumptious man who bought it for me.

I guess after four years we’re finally learning to speak each other’s language!

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