2 thoughts on “Say hello to our new dog, Little Scout!”

  1. hah! How is Scout? I remember she was not doing well last time you posted about her. Apparently, she is either still healthy enough to grow lots of hair….or sick enough to lose it all?? Hopefully the former.

    Random aside: i remember seeing ads in the backs of magazines for “sweaters knitted out of your own pet’s fur”. And I actually saw a newspaper article about it. I always think “ew!”. but then i see a pile of fur like yours here, or like when we brush our fluffy cat and I start to think….”hm…I can see where crazy pet hair knitting lady got her idea…” Good thing I have no textile skills.

  2. Leah – totally hilarious. Scout is fine. She walks with a limp, and on bad days she carries her leg. We decided to not do the surgery so now she will have to be a 50lb lap dog – no more trips to the river, the park, or the beach. I grieve that because she is still so young, but she seems to be happy just to be lying here at my feet.

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