Ruthie Sings the A, B, C’s (with Thomas accompanying)

Here are the top five reasons why I love this video:

1. Ruthie’s fingernails are painted with blue markers because I won’t put nail polish on her fingernails while she still sucks her thumb.

2. She sings this song at top volume all. day. long. and somebody else needs to know this.

3. You get to hear how cute she sounds when she sings, “Next time won’t-chya sing with me…”

4. She is wearing only her underpants, which needs to be documented. Ruthie hardly ever wears clothes around the house, mostly because she has to be able to see her cute underpants at all times. But also because clothes are just so restricting, ya know?

5. Someday when she and Thomas go on the road, I’ll have it on video how their famous band got its start!

4 thoughts on “Ruthie Sings the A, B, C’s (with Thomas accompanying)”

  1. That is so cute.

    Do you or your husband play the piano?

    I use to learn the piano back in my pre-teen day and even manage to pass the first grade. But then the “I’m sick of all this practising” rebellious nature kicked in and so I quit. It’s a decision I kind of regret making.

  2. So very cute! I love how she sings the last few letters of the alphabet, it shows her vocal range 🙂

  3. Wendy – I took piano lessons for eleven years, so when I saw this piano at a steal of a deal I knew I needed to buy it!

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