Role Reversal

My kids don’t share a room at home, so sharing a room on this trip has been a novelty. I’ve spent the last eight nights and the last eight naps shushing and threatening and handing out discipline to get them to go to sleep. Today it was almost an hour before they fell asleep for their naps. I love how they giggle and play, but sometimes they just don’t get how tired they actually are, and for the last two nights Ruthie has actually ASKED to go to bed she was so tired.

Tonight after the kids went to bed Bryan and I got a little goofy (No, not THAT kind of goofy) – I was teasing him and flirting, and we were laughing at the American Idol contestants. Ruthie kept sticking her head into our room saying things like, ‘You’re waking me up,’ and ‘You’re being too noisy.’ The third time she stuck her head into our room she said in a terse whisper, ‘I told you to be quiet,’ and I had to bury my face in a pillow to hide my riotous laughter.

2 thoughts on “Role Reversal”

  1. That is pretty funny! Our boys share a room, and they have most of their lives, and we still have to tell them to be quiet and to go to sleep, and threaten and bribe….I think we finally have gotten smart and stagger the bedtimes. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it has…Hope you continue to have a great trip.

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