I’m a pretty apathetic person, so there’s not much politically or socially that causes a fury in me. But this morning I heard a story on our local NPR station about the State of Washington imposing a rental car tax on customers of the Flex Car. I couldn’t find that story on KUOW, but here’s an article about it from The Stranger.

Flex Car is a member-based car sharing service. Members presumably choose to not own their own car, thus removing cars from congested roadways and saving on gas, money, etc. It’s a genius service, and being a one-car family, we have looked into it for those times my schedule clashes with Bryan’s and we both need the car.

It frustrates me that people who are making good choices for the environment and traffic congestion and even for their own finances are being penalized for those good choices. Raising the Flex Car tax to nearly 20% could deter others from joining the service.

And just an fyi, the rental car tax pays for Safeco Field.

So there you have it: My rant.

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