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Hey, I bet you’re wondering how I did that neat trick of blogging every day even though I just said I wasn’t blogging every day. Well, it’s called POST DATING, baby! I wrote three posts on Tuesday while I sipped wine and ate goat cheese, then set them all to post on consecutive days.

I am so. tech. saavy.

Which brings me to my news. I am attending Seattle MindCamp with Bryan and my friend, Elizabeth, in November. Bryan calls it a geek slumber party. I also used to call it a geek slumber party. Until I decided to go. Now, I am NOT calling it a slumber party – geek or otherwise.

I’m not sure what to expect from the event, given that I am not a techie, and I’ve heard that with this crowd, blogging is SO last year. I am interested in the more creative conversations around writing, or the conversations around developing online community. (Sadly, I hear Nancy White will not be attending this time around, which is disappointing. I attended her session at BlogHer and really enjoyed the conversation.). I’m hoping somebody will do a session on how to organize content ideas into a book (ahem, scott berkun).

I don’t have a plethora of opportunities to disclose the fact that I am a stay-at-home-mom and aspiring writer outside of the group of people who already know this about me and think it’s perfectly normal, and even a little bit cool. Only occassionally do I find myself in a group of unknown people – career women and geek men (or career geek women). I always have to mentally prepare myself for those situations, for the blank stares that follow my answer to the question, “So, Jen, what do YOU do?” The mental preparation comes in answering the question with pride, and not with qualifiers or disclaimers. Because I’m generally proud of being a mother and writer, until I am met with those blank stares because some do not know the follow-up question to such answers, and my confidence faulters slightly.

So I am mentally preparing for the uber-challenge of holding my own as a career mother and aspiring writer in the middle of a geek slumber party.

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  1. A session on writing books is a great idea – Do you think anyone besides you and I would show up? We should look at the invite list and see if any other authors/writers are around – could be fun.

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