Psssst…. I’m Going to Blogher!


A couple months ago when registration opened for Blogher, I really wanted to go, but knowing it came the weekend following our camping trip, and because I was still feeling overwhelmed by the simple things at the time, I didn’t think I could handle back to back trips.

Enter my friend, Ponzi, who sent word out to our Divas book club last week that she had a couple extra passes for Blogher. I immediately jumped on the chance to attend because at present I am feeling much less overwhelmed (thank you, Ponzi!).

I’m flying down to San Jose with the kids on Thursday to meet Bryan, who works onsite at Stanford Hospital eight days out of the month, and he plans to entertain the boogers while I hang with the ladies!

After reading this article about how many are preparing for the trip, I started to feel a bit nervous that the only thing I’ve really done to prepare is pluck the black whiskers that grow in around my jaw line.

But then again, I did get a late start.

After watching Bryan come home from Gnomedex and Mindcamp with stacks of business cards from people he’d met, I asked if he had time to make me some simple cards with my blog address and cell number to exchange with ladies that I meet.

He said he’d try, but no promises. (Just between you and me, I knew he would do it because he believes in the power of networking. But I let him think he was dangling me in uncertainty).

I’m so excited at what he created! Here’s the front…

business cards_front

And here’s the back…

business cards_back

The cartoon design is by a guy named Hugh at He creates these funny designs in his spare time, and funds the website by selling Stormhoek wine. So buy some wine!

After I peruse the schedule a bit, I’ll post which seminars I plan to attend.

3 thoughts on “Psssst…. I’m Going to Blogher!”

  1. That is ridiculously cute! I hope you have a great time. Oh, and I don’t think of you as a “mommy blogger,” although I do read a few of those too. You do talk about your kids, but it’s not the same tone “mommy bloggers” have. Go to the other one!

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