As I mentioned earlier, today I did nothing.

But after reading Julie Leung’s post from today, I realize that I accomplished more than I thought I did. I just made choices.

It is difficult to let go of goals. Each day I am teaching myself to pry my fingers off of my expectations and to hold onto the moment, elusive and ephemeral, the way one would hold a butterfly in the hand. Perhaps one could say I am procrastinating, postponing what I should be doing.

I may not have cleaned the bathroom, swept and mopped, or figured out what I’m making for dinner tomorrow – which were all things on my Outlook task list – but I cranked up the music and danced with Ruthie. And I sat with her and colored for over an hour. And we built a Duplo-tower.

So now my tasks will all appear in RED letters tomorrow because they are not done, but considering that my obsession for Getting Things Done is often the source of my frustration with Ruthie I think the trade off was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination?”

  1. Hi Jen! Cranking up the music and dancing sounds great – I wish I would do more of that! And taking the time to color and Duplo – excellent! Bathrooms can wait (see my friend Jenny’s post for further ideas: I too think the trade off was worth it… and I can learn from your example. Hope to see you sometime soon…

  2. Julie, thanks for the comment, and for the link. I will definitely check it out. I look forward to seeing you… more via email.

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