Pitter Patter What’s the Matter?

The winter wet and cozy has settled in. I love this time of year – at least until January do I love it. Around February and March the monochromatic landscape starts to wear a little thin. As Heartichoke describes it:

You can’t see mountains, you can’t see the sea. It seals off the light, and everything looks dull and lifeless. You feel as though you’re trapped in low basement, staring up at the off white, popcorn ceiling.

Then comes the rain. It’s a light rain. But it’s not a mist—a mist might be romantic and mysterious. This rain is more like sugar, being sifted down in small drops.

But in November I still love the cozy damp. I light candles, I sip tea, I curl up under a blanket and read a good… blog (you thought I was going to say ‘book,’ didn’t you?).

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