Pictures of a cute blonde girl to lighten the mood in here…

Ruthie is all about “doing craps,” as she calls it. Her favorite craft right now is to use her scissors to cut paper into very tiny miniscule little pieces of confetti that flitter about the house clogging up the esophagus of Thomas. It’s amazing (and relieving) to know that a coloring book is just as captivating to her while I’m making dinner as the t.v. used to be. Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on…

Crafting Slideshow

4 thoughts on “Pictures of a cute blonde girl to lighten the mood in here…”

  1. She looks so wonderful! I can’t wait for Maddy to have the attention span to do something like that (and for me to that the motivation). I’m encouraged by the thought that there is hope after the T.V. binge. Keep it up! I should bring my kids over to your house for a crafting tutorial.

  2. Uhhg! No editing comments? ‘That’ is ‘have’ in my world on a very inconsistent basis.

  3. She is too cute. I love the fishing idea. I might have to borrow that idea for my three…keep them busy doing the craft, and then after by playing with it.

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