Open Letter to


Please stop sending me emails telling me that so-and-so is trying to contact me, when I can’t access so-and-so’s message until I give you forty dollars. I am not going to give you forty dollars. I am not going to give you one penny. And frankly, I haven’t thought about so-and-so in seventeen years, but now that I know there is a secret message for me from so-and-so that I am not allowed to access until I give you forty dollars, I am now thinking about so-and-so all. the. time.

So, thanks for that.

Jennifer (Anderson) Zug
Edina Class of 1990

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to”

  1. and PS – I don’t want to date anyone from Federal Way High School Class of 1997 either. So stop sending me notices that singles from my high school are all found on

  2. I recently sent them a comment via their website saying, “You need to find a different way to make money. With the advent of Facebook, MySpace, etc., there’s no WAY that you are ever going to get people to be paid subscribers to your service.”

    They wrote back and said, “blah blah blah we value your feedback and are always trying to make better, blah blah blah.” At least they didn’t say, “Many of our customers appreciate the value of being screwed out of their money by our website”, which is what I expected they might say . . .

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