Oh yes she did.

On Saturday I took a car full of Ruthie’s friends into the city for a special girly day, and we were rocking out to some Mumford and Sons while en route. Just as we were jamming to Little Lion Man, I suddenly realized what lay ahead in the chorus.

We don’t censor this song at the ZugHaus – we believe if you fuck something up it’s good to own it, confess it, and repent – but since I had other kids in the car I wanted to be sensitive.

Ruthie: “Hey why did you skip that song?”

Me: “It had a word in it that parents may not like their kids to hear.”

Ruthie (to all her friends): “Oh yeah, it has the word fuck in it.”

My apologies to all the moms. I tried. I really did.

One thought on “Oh yes she did.”

  1. This is funny because my sister, who is spiritual (or religious, or whatever you want to call it – like I am too), and her family like this band and this song. She passed it along to me a couple of weeks ago and I was sort of taken off guard when I heard “that word” and thought about the fact that they liked the band, etc. It is good music though.

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