Oh, the Irony.

Given my post from this afternoon and my general trend of blogging about not writing, I found this passage of my current book quite entertaining:

“Every hour you spend writing is an hour not spent fretting about your writing. Every day you produce pages is a day you didn’t spend sitting at a coffee shop, bitching about not producing any pages” (from Writing from the Inside Out, by Dennis Palumbo).

And yes, I was sitting in a coffee shop when I wrote that post.

One thought on “Oh, the Irony.”

  1. Hi Jen, I think I found you through Kristin’s blog. I am a fellow Seattleite as well. I am in the midst of the final push for a big writing project and doing everything in my power to avoid the hard work of it. Thanks for this great quote, it is just what I needed to hear. I am quite aware of how much energy it takes to avoid writing, so why not harness that? Easier than it sounds, I know. Blessings, Christine

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