My Christmas present to Bryan (and me!)

My girlfriends will be happy to know I had my wedding ring resized while on vacation.

Wedding Ring Resized

They have been quite persistent that I wear such a beauty. And can you blame them?

I haven’t worn it since I was seven months pregnant with Thomas, when I became too bloated and chubby for it to fit comfortably. I just figured I would put it on again after I gave birth, like I did after Ruthie was born. But then the combination of anti-depressants and birth control and Thomas not really being into nursing and my consumption of a few too many whole milk mint chocolate lattes (among other things) meant the pounds did not come off within a couple months.

That was my excuse then. Three years later, of course, there really is no excuse. I am no longer on anti-depressants or birth control, so really what you have left is all those bowls of cereal I eat when the kids aren’t looking.

I considered waiting a few months before resizing the ring since I’ve established a good routine of working out, and have been more disciplined in my eating. But the truth is, I’ve really missed wearing it. I love it’s petite-ness, the delicate intricacy of the filigree, the unique cut of the sapphire – I’m very proud of it. And since it cost barely anything to resize (I had built it up in my mind as a major expense), I can just have it done again when the weight comes off.

Besides, I’m working on other goals for weight loss mile stones – like putting fuschia highlights in my hair.

One thought on “My Christmas present to Bryan (and me!)”

  1. Congratulations!
    It is gorgeous and I’m sure your husband must be proud to see that back on your finger again. What a very special gift!

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