Memorial Day Pizzas


For the Memorial Day edition of the House of Barbecue we had some friends over who are vegetarian, so grilling a hunk of salmon on a plank was out of the question. Bryan and I took the opportunity to try something we’d had at a party a couple weeks ago, which was homemade pizzas cooked on the grill.

They were awesome.

I bought pizza dough at Trader Joe’s for a dollar per blob, rolled them out (even tossed a few in the air!), brushed them with olive oil infused with garlic, and cooked the dough in the oven for about nine minutes. Then my friend and I loaded each crust with various toppings, from sundried tomato-feta-spinach, to mushroom-onion-zucchini on red sauce, to artichoke-feta-tomato.

Bryan heated the coals inside these tower thingies on either side of the grill to produce indirect heat, and he grilled the pizzas another ten minutes until all the toppings were soft and the cheese was melted. The last two pizzas were grilled using mesquite chips, and all I have to say is… yum!

We had five pizzas total, which was way more than we needed, so our friends took some home with them.

This was way easier than I thought it would be, and it was fun to do all the prep work with friends. I highly recommend doing this for a small dinner party – if you made the pizzas smaller, each person could make their own, and everyone could share. You could set up a table or counter in your kitchen with all the toppings, and let the creating begin!

Here’s the rest of our photos from the day.

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