thomas curiosity - filtered

I worried a little how Thomas would fare as one in a classroom of many.

He is full of questions about how things work, how they’re put together, how they came to be, and when he’s on a mission to discover the answers he will not let go until he has them.

With Thomas there is no “I don’t know.” He gets strangely obsessive about knowing things, and as a person who gives up easily I often wary of satiating his curiosity when it’s inconvenient to my agenda.

This worried me as he entered kindergarten, an environment where a teacher cannot devote twenty minutes to unraveling the secrets of how a flashlight works for just one student.

Ah, but I worried for naught.

We met recently with his teacher and her eyes lit up as she talked about how much she enjoyed him, how much she loved his think-outside-the-box ways. When I expressed worry over his excessive question-asking, she assured me his curiosity was a great example for the other students.

I heard many horror stories of public school as I raised my babies and prepared to send them out into the world, but I don’t know what I was so afraid of. Or maybe I’m just lucky. At any rate, I’m very grateful for our experiences so far.

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