Just a coupla turkeys. I mean kitty cats.

another kitty cat joined us for dinner! Kitty Cat joined us for dinner

The creative mischief never ends at our house, and it seems I have two children destined for tattoos in their future. Some might prefer I be more concerned about this, but I just can’t seem to get worked up over a little ink.

It washes off. Usually.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was thankfully free of horror stories. I just heard one that involved three different drama-filled family gatherings & an unmedicated schizophrenic cousin. So yeah. We were drama free and appropriately medicated.

We ate a lot, slept a lot, adventured a lot, and watched tv a lot, and we did it all together, and WE LIKED IT.

That last point is directed at me, who typically feels a tad DONE with the kids after too much togetherness. But even I, selfish grouch that I am, enjoyed four days of family bliss.

4 thoughts on “Just a coupla turkeys. I mean kitty cats.”

  1. A: “Is that Ruthie & Thomas?”
    Me: “Yes.”
    A: “What did they do to themselves?”
    Me: “They drew on themselves. With Markers. Don’t get any ideas.”

  2. Hey,
    I need an open-minded, thinking, Christian friend to read this book and hash it out with me: Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.
    Lemme know if you’re interested. I know you don’t have scads of free time anymore… but it is the most thought-provoking book EVER on the subject of parenting and I could use your brain if you don’t mind loaning it out for awhile.


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