It Smelled Much Better Back Then

Where the blankie addiction was born.

I’m a bit late with this news, but SURPRISE! I have a 7 year old!

This is probably the last opportunity I’ll take to embarrass my son publicly about his blankie, so here are six fun facts about Thomas and his blankie:

  1. Thomas doesn’t like his blankie to get warm, so you are not allowed to sit on it or pack it in the bottom of a suitcase.
  2. Thomas refers to his blankie as a person. As in, I CAN’T FIND HIM! This is one of many not-cute things about a 7 year old still having a blankie.
  3. When he was a toddler, the blankie was getting a little warn so I bought him a new, identical blankie. He never knew the difference.
  4. Thomas hates it when I wash his blankie, but if I don’t tell him, he doesn’t seem to notice.
  5. A couple years ago we briefly lost the blankie and he managed to sleep without it for several days. When we found it, some crazy person impersonating a sane woman gave it back to him.
  6. Every once in awhile when Thomas isn’t looking, Bryan tears off part of the blankie and throws it away. He never seems to notice, so I figure one way or another we’ll be done with this thing soon (Shshshs… don’t tell him).

I drafted this post almost two months ago. Since then, Thomas lost the blankie again, and it still hasn’t turned up. He’s doing just fine without it, but since I have no idea where it is either, I’m afraid he’ll find it first and get reattached.

We are living on the edge, people.

2 thoughts on “It Smelled Much Better Back Then”

  1. Oh my word it is like we are living identical lives! My 7 year old also can not function without the blankie. When she was 4 I had to ban her from bringing it places simply because I could not imagine how we would survive the trama of loosing it. Maybe because she is a girl or maybe because I am in denial, I haven’t really given thought to the fact that my 7 year old will still wake up in the middle of the night and come get me if she can’t find her blankie. It still works like it did 7 years ago to comfort all wounds and immediately cease all crying. Why would I give that up? She has matured with it a little though because we used to call it “uh-oh” but she announced this past year that she was now going to call it blankie because “uh-oh” is too baby. I wonder if maybe i am as attached to her blankie as she is…

  2. Oh and the thing about Brian ripping off pieces of the blanket…Laughed out loud. Hilarious. Men have such a different way of solving problems.

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