It’s time like these that make me wish I had a cell phone because I would have SO CALLED THE COPS on this guy!

So I’m driving down Rainier Avenue in South Seattle, minding my own business, when the dump truck on my right meanders into my lane because his load is too wide for his own damn lane.

As I’m watching him get closer to me I realize he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m in the way, so I veer slightly to the left as a reaction INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC at which point I scream, slam on my brakes, and swerve back into my lane behind the Ass Truck.

The stupid freaking truck continues to drive in the right lane, swerving into the left lane at will without so much as a signal or hesitation.

At the next red light I pull up on his left and roll down my passenger side window (isn’t it funny how we still say “I rolled down my window” as if anybody cool still has window cranks?), shake my finger at him and yell, “YOU CAN’T JUST MOVE INTO MY LANE LIKE THAT – “

At which point he waves me off like a fly before I even get to the swearing part and proceeds through the intersection when the light turns green.

In the words of Mercer Mayer, I was so mad!

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