In the Words of Chandler Bing: Could my trip have BEEN any more perfect?


After the initial panicked rush of getting out the door on time, EVERYTHING about our trip fell into place. I was able to fit my laptop, a few books, and some snacks into one backpack, I checked our luggage at the curb, and getting through security was a breeze. We ate some lunch at the gate while we waited for our plane, and the kids had fun looking at all the airplanes out the window.

And the flight? I mean, really. I actually READ A BOOK for almost two hours because Thomas went to sleep in the empty seat next to me, and Ruthie watched the Lion King on my laptop, nearly falling asleep herself. I never knew flying with kids could be so easy.

Last Sunday I decided to keep the kids home from church because a couple of her little friends had the flu the previous week. Since you don’t always know who’s going to come down with it next, I didn’t want them exposed to the potential Yuk just before getting on a plane. Lord knows we didn’t need to repeat The Great Puking Incident of 2005.

I felt somewhat embarrassed by my paranoia, but as it turns out, it may have been a wise decision!

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