I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Bryan leaves again for San Jose tomorrow, but this time he is taking us all with him! For TEN DAYS! I keep talking about how we are going on vacation, but he reminds me that HE will actually still be working. He pouts, but I know he’s glad to have us with him even if he IS still working. It is not good for a man to be without his family.

This is the longest vacation trip we have ever taken that didn’t involve visiting a grandparent (who seem to always have toys on hand and baby gear to use), so I did some planning ahead for living in a hotel room and eating in lots of restaurants, as well as for flying in an airplane. I purchased a few special toys that are small and easy to pack, and most items were under $5.

For instance, I found a small basketball hoop with suction cups and a foam ball that will stick to the window or refrigerator in our suite; the Barrel ‘o Monkeys game that fits in a container the size of a sippy cup; Hot Wheels for Thomas; Polly Pocket dolls for Ruthie; a baggie full of little dinasaurs (which are the same size as the little green army men); a little Nurf soccar ball and football (that fit in the palm of my hand); a few small horses we already had; and a few books, among other things. I also packed a large, square-bottomed beach bag that folds flat into the suitcase to keep the toys in while at the hotel, or to pack for a long day trip in the car.

I feel spoiled by the hotel we are staying in. We have a suite so the kids can take good naps in a bedroom, breakfast is included with our stay, and a few items stocked in the kitchen will save money at lunch time. There is also a pool, a workout room, and laundry facilities if we end up running out of clothes. But honestly, while I at first thought we would just spend time hanging out in the hotel and in Palo Alto where Bryan works, I now think we’ll be out exploring every day!

There’s a lot to do around the Bay Area, and my Tags are stockpiled with great ideas.

3 thoughts on “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane”

  1. Olivia would highly recommend that you check out the Monterey Aquarium and the several hundred seals that hang out on one of the piers in San Francisco…

    Have fun everyone!


  2. We were living in the Bay Area when Will was born…I highly recommend going to Giradelli’s and having a hot fudge sundae…but that’s just me!

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