Ignite Seattle: Too tired to do it justice

I had a blast last night, but after it ended at 10:30 I sat around waiting for Bryan to break down all his video gear. This took over an hour and was not something I could really help with, so I ended up using his cell phone to send about 800 twitter updates to break the boredom. [Sorry everyone. Truly, I am.] After taking the babysitter home across town, I didn’t get to bed until 1am.

As the evening started with a mixer-type game, I sat next to Bryan and the video equipment like some kind of groupie wall flower. Then one guy came up and asked Bryan about his camera, and they began talking Geek. Then another guy came over and asked me what kind of camera Bryan was using, and I was like, Uh… I don’t know, but they’re talking about it if you want to sit here an jump in. As I got up to let him have my seat, he feigned like it wasn’t necessary for me to give up my seat, then totally just plopped down and turned into the conversation.

Maybe you had to be there, but I thought that sort of ferocious hunger for tech knowledge was kind of funny.

After losing my seat, I found a Stranger and sat in the back row of seats and read, waiting for Something To Happen. Eventually my friend Beth found me, and we were high school excited to see each other: “I WAS GOING TO CALL YOU!” “NO WAY! I WAS GOING TO EMAIL YOU!”

Again, maybe you had to be there.

The presentations were amazing, and I can’t even imagine the pressure of getting out all that information with such precision timing. I will post the videos of my favorite ones once they are uploaded to Blip.tv. There was one about art, and another about buying a new car, and several about building community. More thoughts on my thoughts when I’m not sleep deprived.

Also, Randy Stewart took an amazing picture of me and Bryan, and I can’t figure out how to embed it into my blog, but please click here and go see how happy and content we both look.

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