I’d Like to See Them Do “Worst Case Scenario: Preschool Mom”

I’ve become a Discovery Channel nerd. I find myself staying awake until ridiculous hours of the morning, sucked into some sort of survival drama.

I first realized I had a problem over Memorial Day weekend when Discovery aired a Deadliest Catch Marathon – I couldn’t stop watching even if I tried. The only thing that saved me that night was the sleep function on my t.v., which I finally set despite a strong desire to know whether Captain Sig & Captain Phil successfully swapped Jakes without killing either one of them in the process.

Because of the Discovery Channel, I now know how to bait a crab pot, land a Coast Guard rescue swimmer on a heaving ship without impaling him on the mast, cross a waist-deep rushing river, repel down an active volcanic mountain, out-smart someone who’s chasing me on foot, and escape a night club in the midst of a stampede panic.

Did you know you can hide from a sand storm in the Sahara Desert by crawling into a gutted camel?

I think Bear Grylls actually picked that one up from another survivalist.

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