I hate coming up with titles to posts like this.

It’s Saturday afternoon. The kids are asleep, Bryan is snoring on the couch, and Return of the Jedi is on cable (HD!). I have just enjoyed a relaxing hour of catching up on some beloved blog reading – as much as two months worth of posts! That may sound overwhelming to some, but to me it was just the thing I needed to do. There is a lot of ‘to-do’ lists in my life, and as much as I love my blogs and my blog friends, I have at times put them before the other necessary facets of my life. It has been refreshing to spend the last few weeks not obsessively checking my feeds. I read two books, for instance. And now, as I have time to sit and enjoy my blogs in a time and space that is not full of other noise, I find I enjoy the experience of reading them more because they are not seen as another item to check of my list. So if you have missed my presence in your comments – go check your email now because I think I’m all caught up!

One thought on “I hate coming up with titles to posts like this.”

  1. Hi Jen! It was great getting to see a comment from you. I am so glad that you got to enjoy a lovely afternoon; it sounded delightful! Have a wonderful day.


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