I feel a Caddyshack summer coming on…

Vanishing StrawberriesDo you remember that movie? The one where Bill Murray, who is a touch – how shall we say, simple? – goes to great lengths to rid the golf course of that pesky gopher?

Two years ago I tried growing tomatoes, but every *@&*ing time I went to harvest a juicy red one, some sort of critter beat me to it, leaving them half eaten just to spite me. Half way through the summer I was so frustrated that I was nearly tempted to just cut away the bite marks and finish what was left.

But, ewwww….

This summer I have three strawberry plants in addition to tomatoes. The other evening as we played in the yard, I noticed there were 6-8 strawberries that were nearly ready to pick. Two were super red, and the others would likely be ready to pick the next day. I built up the excitement of a harvest with the kids, as I want them to be excited about growing things (as opposed to destroying everything they own).

The next morning I took my camera outside to photograph the berries for my gardening book (I know, complete nerd), and to show all of the Internet how proud I was of producing sustenance for my family like our forefathers who came from the Old Country.

I know you’ve predicted what comes next – there were no strawberries left. None. Not even the little green pea-sized berries that were forming on new branches. Some little fucker ate my entire crop.

With green beans, and lettuce, and tomatoes, and more strawberries on the way, I am declaring war. I have no clue what my weapon is, because I have no idea what I’m fighting (rat? squirrel? random white ferret?). But by gosh I will have produce this summer if I have to go out and get that silly green netting to blanket my plants with!

Hopefully I won’t blow up the house in the process.

4 thoughts on “I feel a Caddyshack summer coming on…”

  1. Ricky suggests using hair… like in the Rookie. They put hair on the baseball field to keep the deers from smelling the grass seed and eating it. I have no idea what he is talking about as this is not a movie that I myself have seen… but perhaps you have a clue!

  2. That so sucks–and, I can relate. I have slug (or something like it) problems. I have to set up beer traps for them to drown the suckers. I wonder if you can look up online if mixing some spices together–garlic, oregano, onion powder–make it nasty. Spray it on in a spray bottle. It’s supposed to help with bugs–I wonder if animals would think it’s gross too. Google organic pesticides.

    Good luck.

    Because you don’t want to running after the bastards all summer! haha 🙂

  3. Good luck finding the culprit! The organic pesticide idea sounds interesting. If I knew a lick about gardening, I’d offer up some advice.

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