I am. so. bored.

Bryan had an extra trip to take this weekend to a conference he’s speaking at, so I have an extended time alone with the kids. I don’t usually complain about his travel schedule because, truth be told, the kids and I keep so busy while he’s gone that the time goes quickly. But when these extra trips come during the weekends, I go a little insane.

We were well occupied all day today until after naps. By then I was so burned out I didn’t have the energy to think of anything interesting to do, like going to the park or playing a game. So we ended up watching two movies in a row.

I. am. a terrible mother.

I thought watching a movie would buy me some time to read a book or surf the internet. But no. Ruthie will no longer allow me to do these things, even if I am sitting right next to her while she is watching the movie. I must put everything down and watch it with her. Do you KNOW how many times I have watched her movies?

Argh. My brain is turning to mush. I can only imagine what hers is turning into.

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