Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_5297On Sunday afternoon Bryan knocked off work about 2pm and we picked him up and headed straight to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a fun drive through the city and neighborhoods (I had to veer off into a neighborhood of row houses to find a bathroom!), and the bridge was breathtaking. The kids were great – especially considering that a long drive to look at a bridge is probably not all that exciting for them – and we showered Ruthie with positive reinforcement praise regarding what a fun time we had with her. After hiking around the viewing area of the bridge we navigated our way down to Pier 39 in San Francisco to wander around and find some dinner. After pushing the double stroller up and down a few steep hills we decided to reserve the bulk of our San Francisco touring for when the kids are older!

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4 thoughts on “Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. [Who is that statue meant to be?]

    I have no idea who it is. I’m the worst tourist ever. I did read a plaque, though, about a guy who pushed to have the bridge made even though everyone said it couldn’t be done, but damned if I can’t remember his name…

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