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Tonight Bryan and I had tickets to see Over the Rhine at Neumo’s on Capital Hill. This band is probably responsible for our marriage, because as soon as Bryan heard that I even KNEW about them, he was in love.

They opened with Latter Days, which makes me cry whenever I hear it, so of course I had that big lump in my throat to keep swallowing down. Then, because they REALLY wanted to make me fall apart, they followed it up with I Want You to Be My Love (which I have written about before on this blog).

We had a great time, and had the added benefit of getting home early because this time around they actually opened the evening.

I spent some time updating my sidebar to reflect what I’m currently reading. I thought I would sneak in The DaVinci Code before I get to the next reading for my book club since the movie is or about to be released. I’m also curious about all the hype in the church world and the flack I hear Tom Hanks is getting for being a part of the movie project. Nothing burns me more than Christians objecting to art they know nothing about because they haven’t even seen/read/heard it. So I’m reading it before I offer any opinions, if I even have any.

And as usual I have a non-fiction I’m working through as well. The Cry of the Soul has been a great book for clarifying some of the things that trigger my anger. I’m not very far into it because the first 70 pages have already given me way too much to chew on. I’m a little overwhelmed. But good things are coming of it, and I can already see changes in the way I interact with Ruthie because of it. More later.

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