Gardening bliss and blunders, with a little TMI sprinkled on top

Today during naps I am forsaking my garden and geeking out on the computer. It’s cold, it could rain, and I have cramps – therefor I am grouchy and feel like doing what I want to do rather than what I need to do. I have just learned how to post .pdf files onto the blog, so I am one step closer to posting all the song lists (with lyrics included) to the mix tapes I’ve made.

More on that later.

IMG_6866.JPGEven if I don’t feel like being in the garden, I do want to share! This is a patch under the front window on the East side of the house. It looks rather scraggly for most of the spring and early summer because my dahlias (the tall things on the right in the back) don’t come into bloom until mid to late summer. In seasons past I have filled in the dead space with bulbs and annuals, but it always looks sparse and haphazard. This year I moved a large container to the space in front of the window and filled it with Sutera (the white trailing flowers), Petunias (the pink flowers), Heliotrope (the purple flowers), and Coleus (the red leaves). I am very proud of this arrangement artistically, because it filled in very nice, and was much more exciting than just the petunias I usually do. I had fun wandering around the nursery looking for just the right height and color combinations.

I had some Begonias left over from another planting, and decided to plop them into a small pot to add to the grouping. I thought this looked great, too, and it inspired me to just fill in the rest of the space with more annuals in all the empty pots I have around rather than dumping more time and money into planting perennials this season. My vegetable garden is work enough this first go-around

green beans.JPGSpeaking of which, I may have been a little rash in starting the vegetable garden this summer. Mostly because I never put down weed blocker, and when I came back from MN there was a carpet of three-inch-high crab grass choking everything out – at least visually. And novice that I am, it never occurred to me that weeds would grow inside the bean teepee, making it impossible to weed in there once the beans were growing up the bamboo! Fortunately I noticed this before the beans began climbing, so I removed the teepee, weeded, then put down some really attractive newspaper to (hopefully) choke out anymore weed growth in the middle. Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me this summer if I plan to stay ahead of the weeds.

I realize it’s been three whole days since I last posted, and this is hardly the essay you’ve been holding your breath for, but this is really all I’ve been doing since I got back from MN. This, and unpacking, catching up on laundry, and clinging to any adult who will let me come over with my kids so I don’t kill myself from the insanity of Bryan being gone again – we saw each other for a total of four days over the last three weeks. And because my patience apparently needs more practice, I started my period today, the day he gets back, which is the third month in a row I’ve started the day he gets back.

Please excuse me while I stick a fork in my eye to distract me from my horniness.

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