Friday Link Love: New Year’s Edition

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When You Don’t Want a New Year but a New You
In theory I embrace failure as a learning experience, but in reality I see it as FAILURE. This was such a good read.

“We are all going to botch it somedays. We all sometimes get the notes wrong. But the song only goes wrong when we keep thinking back to the wrong notes.”

“When a piece starts to fall apart — fall forward. Fall forward into the next bar. Moving forward is what makes music.“

Don’t Despise the Day of Small Things
The struggle with discontentment doesn’t go away in new circumstances. A young mom who’s discontent in the daily mundane of diaper wrangling will likely also struggle with the daily mundane of a 10+ year marriage.

“Then in the midst of all this I had that dark, poisonous thought that I would be happier doing or being something else.”

Gloria reminds us that Jesus is better than whatever we think we’re missing out on.

4 Reasons New Years Resolutions Don’t Work
Because of this post, I approached goal setting differently this year by choosing a theme to set my narrative context.

“Goals like “lose weight” or “decrease debt” are vague and uninspiring. Goals work much better when they’re set within a narrative context. Frodo would not have gone on his journey unless the fate of Middle Earth depended on it.”

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