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track breastfeeding schedules on your iPhone – Techmamas
This obviously doesn’t apply to me at the moment, but I am fascinated by technology that is useful to me should I find myself in this… predicament. More and more I find myself consolidating my entire life into one place, despite all efforts to sabotage this. I have a computer, and I have a Treo, and that’s about it. No more date books, wall calendars, or address books – I keep it all digitally and share the files between my computer and my phone. This application, and others like it out there, would fit well into my lifestyle. (Thanks to Lindsay for twittering this!)

Don Miller talks about his faith as it relates to partisan politics.

Don Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What, gave the closing prayer Monday at the DNC, and this is an interview he gave Christianity Today before taking the stage. Two things in particular struck me. One, is his comments on abortion and the way the Republican party has dangled the carrot of idealism in front of evangelical Christianity. The other is his comments on the Democratic party’s treatment of people of faith – “You need to tell your leaders to stop mocking people of faith.”

Speeches on Wordle – by Papernapkin
I was going to link to Wordle a long time ago, but it was old news already by the time I got around to actually doing it. I’ve looked through the gallery and am convinced The Zugs should create a Wordle design to print and frame for our living room.

Anyhow, Papernapkin twittered these Wordles she created of the major political speeches given over the last several weeks. Very fascinating, to say the least. Please check them out: Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin.

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  1. Thanks for including this video interview. I was really intrigued by his thoughts on abortion. I appreciate finding another voice who agrees with my opinion: while I’m against abortion, I realize that outlawing it will not stop it from happening. Thus, we need to find other ways to change the culture around abortion and try to eliminate the demand for abortions.

    And I’ve been rallying for the “religious left” for a while now. People of faith need to stand up and make their voices heard in the Democratic party. And the party needs to respect them!

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