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Washington State ban on cell phone use while driving
Beginning July 1st, a new law goes into affect prohibiting the use of hands to operated a cell phone while driving. As far as I know, using a hands-free headset is still allowed. I talk on my phone while driving all the time. I hate making phone calls, and for some reason it seems to be less painful if I’m also using my time to get where I’m supposed to be. Because after all, I’m just sitting there, right? I mean, during what other point of the day am I JUST SITTING DOWN?

Also? My kids are strapped into car seats and unable to climb on top of the refrigerator when I’m not looking.

Original Works – turning your artwork into professionally made products

Ruthie’s preschool used this program as a fundraiser last year, but you can also place individual orders. Prices are as low as $5.50 for a magnet, or you can spend more to get art aprons, night lights, mugs, and more. I have several projects I plan to send in this year to make presents for grandparents.

And for all you crafty types out there? You can turn your child’s art into a quilt block. If I didn’t have so many hobbies going already, I would TOTALLY make a quilt out of my kids’ art.

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