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Why You’ll Win In The End If You Make Character Your Career | Storyline Blog.
“You might have the most impressive ideas and work ethic in the world, but I don’t think you’ll be truly successful until you can get a handful of people around your kitchen table to say they trust you. Because regardless of our personal ambition, we need others to help us reach our full potential. No man is an island.”

Behind the Scenes of a Midlife Crisis | Conversion Diary
This post was so spot on for what I’ve been feeling lately about being 42…

“…it wasn’t until my little mid-life crisis that I realized just how much hope I placed in having options.”

9 Qualities of a Servant Leader | Leadership Insights
I read a lot of startup and leadership blogs, and the good ones always strike a cord in multiple areas of my life outside of work. This is one of those posts that shot through the heart, as the great Bon Jovi once said. As a mom, I was pretty horrified to realize I lack 8 out of 9 of these qualities. Blerg.

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