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Candy Chang: Before I die I want to…
Really great TED talk about a public art project in New Orleans. And it’s only six minutes, so you should watch it. I loved her point about using public art as a way to “understand your neighbors in new and enlightening ways.”

Who Is the Typical Entrepreneur?
“There’s a blackout age for female entrepreneurs. According to the report, female entrepreneurs are most represented within age groups 18-29 and 50-55–with smaller percentages of women founding businesses between ages 30 and 49.”

This issue came up at a women’s event I recently attended. I typically hear this in the context of women getting held back from success because they start having babies.

I’m tired of that conversation. Make an educated decision about your priorities, then make it happen. It’s not a weakness or a hinderance to pause and raise a family. If that decision was right for you, then you’re not being held back from success, but defining what success looks like for you.

Don’t Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Time
“Stop believing the secret is to just “follow your passions.” People will tell you that and you’ll believe them. But it’s not entirely true.

Because if you really want to know where your destiny lies, look at where you apply your time.”

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