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Mommyblogging and the water well
This is the best, most clearly communicated case for blogging and online community that I have read to date. It explains my love for all the people I’ve met online in a way that I’ve never been able to articulate. The next time someone tells me that online community is not real community, or that the internet is a time waster, I will reference this post. Because no, it does not replace in-person, intimate friendships, but we have many levels of relationship needs, and the internet does serve a significant purpose for many people. By the way, I just discovered this blog yesterday, and plan to add it to my reader. She’s an amazing communicator.

Writing and Living
I can’t remember how I found this blog, but I saw it in my feed reader one day with over 40 unread posts and decided to check it out. I am now hooked, and read her posts the instant I see them appear in my reader. She reads a lot of Christian non-fiction books, and writes great reviews and thoughts on them. I also appreciate her discussions on theology and issues of women in the church. It’s nice to see an intelligent, articulate, Christian woman on the internet.

We Testify: Stories of Hope
Speaking of articulate women on the internet, my friend Amy is collecting stories of hope, faith, endurance, salvation, and the like, for a new blog project called We Testify. She explains her vision on her blog here. If you have a story to tell, you should check it out.

Can women alone make Sex and the City a hit?
Thanks to Amy for sending this article to me – we have plans to see the movie together on opening night. As the title indicates, the article speculates whether Sex and the City can be successful without an appeal to a (non-gay) male audience. The male-dominated discussion over the Arts and Faith forum speculates as well.

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  1. “It’s nice to see an intelligent, articulate, Christian woman on the internet”

    Agreed – that’s why I read This Pile 🙂

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