Friday Link Love

I’m bringing back Friday Link Love, a weekly collection of interesting and inspiring things I find around the web.

Family Moves to Pioneer Square
We’ve been exploring the idea of moving back into the Seattle core for many of the same reasons this family lists, though I can’t really relate to the price tag for a 2400 sq ft condo. Hope they got a deal!

Over the Rhine: The Long Surrender
“Some people write love songs about what happens in the beginning of a relationship,” Bergquist says. “We’ve sort of moved on to what happens during the bulk of that relationship — the work, the investment, the commitment, you know? And some of it doesn’t really sound all that sexy.”


Bryan discovered this local rapper via KEXP, and DAY-YAM. I love this song, Wings, in particular – it’s great story-telling.

We donated to his Kickstarter campaign to fund a Wings music video, and I think you should, too. It’s important to support good story-tellers. Check out his previous music video – it’s gorgeous.

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