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Am I Kate? – PBS Supersisters
While I’ve never watched John and Kate Plus 8, I’ll admit I got caught up a little in the gross blog commentary re their personal lives as depicted on the show. It was refreshing to come across this post that invites you to empathize a little with their circumstances, and to quit throwing stones at others from our own glass house.

Pomp and Circumstance – Amy Letinsky
Great tribute to the beauty of a well-oiled marriage:
“Marriage is a team effort. And your spouse’s successes are your successes. His failures are your failures. It’s not a popular notion, especially when the wife is the one at home, doing the domestic duties that are the less glorified “behind the scenes” work. But they’re important. God knows the job is important. And my husband knows it too.”

June the 3rd – Mandajuice

I appreciated this post because I struggle with the same things when it comes to giving money to the homeless with their cardboard signs. It was great to read Amanda’s thoughts as she processed through it “in the moment.”

Fear of Life – Conversion Diary
A great post on opening our lives to one another – the blessings and the pitfalls we fear:
“…our biggest problems in life often come from other people. The more you allow someone else into your life, the more there’s the potential for them to screw it up….The safest, most reasonable thing to do is to allow just enough people into your life so that you’re not lonely, and to carefully guard the intermingling of any other lives with your own after that point.”

How to build traffic to your blog – Rants & Ramblings
This is a popular blog topic, but I’m often left feeling like an internet street beggar after reading pointers like these. But this essay is different – I appreciate the author’s conversational style & push toward participating in community. You don’t get more readers by whoring yourself out there – you get more readers by being a great writer & participating in the conversation. After reading this I know I need to work on responding to my commentors as well as commenting on all the posts I read. I guilty of lurking!

Lost Generation

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