Friday Link Love

Renton Film Frenzy
Big things are happening down here in the South End – Renton Haz Creative Skillz! Last month we saw a bunch of film crews running around our neighborhood for the first annual Renton Film Frenzy, in which film makers have two days to write, make, and produce a four minute film. It’s pretty awesome, and I was excited to see some students participating. I dabbled in film making when I was in high school, and even made a short film for my Cinema Class’ final project. I’ll post that someday when when I figure out how to get it off VHS. If you follow the above link, you can watch all eleven entries. I think my favorite is Loaf’s Labors Lost.

Superhero Digest – Thomas’s Occurrences
Thomas has a blog, too, and he’s way more into it than Ruthie is. Whenever I ask Ruthie if she wants to write on her blog, she gives a very vehement, “NO!” Alrightythen. Thomas, on the other hand, quite frequently will say to Bryan, “I WANT TO WHITE ON MY BWOG!” A three year old’s blog is very cute. All he wants to do is post pictures of superheroes, so that’s about what it is right now – a catalog of superhero pictures. But hey, it’s a pretty accurate representation of what he thinks about, so there you go.

Moms in Twittersphere abandon Motrin
Wow. The outrage over this ad is unbearable. yeah, it’s a little patronizing, but does it really deserve this much energy? The big buzz online these days is the power of the “mommy bloggers” – marketers are beginning to capitalize on their internet pull. What I would really love to see mommy bloggers rally around is not happy hour play dates or hurt feelings, but our poor educational system, or human trafficking, or the need for mentoring programs. How about we use all that marketing power we have to change the world? (Yes, I am dramatic sometimes).

The View From Mars Hill –
Bryan found this great article on Mars Hill Church on a local website. Much of what’s published about Mars Hill is inflammatory or dismissive, but this is a rare, deeper look into the community.

The Aviatrix – Fly Away Films
Totally random – this film short was on YouTube’s home page the other day when I opened up the site to do a search. It looked interesting, so I watched it. And wow. Beautifully written, beautifully filmed. I love the internet and it’s ability to support and promote artists.

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