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Let Christians Vote As Though They Were Not Voting
This article came to my attention at just the right time. I was one of those pesky undecided voters. To make it worse, I’m a horrible decision maker. Regardless of how big or small the choice I have to make (chocolate or peanut butter? this school or that school?), I agonize over my options as if the decision I make now will make or break my entire life.

Some would argue the choice for president meant exactly that – life or death of a nation. But this article reminded me of where my ultimate hope resides. It reminded me that God is sovereign, and his love for us is not weakened or compromised by Man.

So it is with voting. We deal with the system. We deal with the news. We deal with the candidates. We deal with the issues. But we deal with it all as if not dealing with it. It does not have our fullest attention. It is not the great thing in our lives. Christ is. And Christ will be ruling over his people with perfect supremacy no matter who is elected and no matter what government stands or falls. So we vote as though not voting.

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