For the record, Bryan is the better cook.

We took the kids to the lake today with their bikes – the lake nearby with a bandstand, a series of docks to run around on, and a couple restaurants. Quite spontaneously we decided to have lunch at the hamburger stand, and figured as long as we were going to eat crappy, we might as well go all the way and get some milkshakes, too.

As I swallowed my last bite I said, “I’m going to feel like crap later, aren’t I?”

And Bryan was all, “I feel like crap now.”

But the shakes? And the mushroom burger? And the garlic fries? Worth it. Hell, I lost another pound over a holiday weekend, so I can spare it, is the way I see things.

When we got home the kids went down for naps, and we slouched on the couch, moaning in our saturated fat.

“I can’t imagine eating dinner, tonight,” I grunted. “I think maybe I should just steam a big pot of broccoli.”

And for some reason we found that hilarious, and proceeded to list all the other vegetables we were going to eat for dinner to right the injustice we’d committed on our arteries.

Turns out we weren’t kidding.

artichokes w/ lemon wedges

I know! Right? I’ll let you catch your breath after that beautiful scene.


And now this…

tomato, avocado, and zucchini salad

Bryan added saute’d zucchini to some chopped tomato and avocado, and dusted with parmesan cheese and a pinch or two of salt. We ate this first while the artichokes steamed, and then we partook.



eating artichokes

(My sister’s mouth is now gaping open that my children eat artichokes.)

2 thoughts on “For the record, Bryan is the better cook.”

  1. That is SO funny – I was going to say that!!!

    And I was glad you told me what veggie that was in the first pic – I wasn’t quite sure.

    Good job, you west coast cool parents!

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