New socks

Ruthie: “Mom, can you sign me up for soccer?”

Me: “Do you want to play because you like the game, or because you like the outfits?”

Ruthie: “I like the socks and shoes.”

Me: “You realize you’ll be expected to run around a lot and kick the ball.”

Ruthie: “Yeah. I don’t mind.”

One thought on “fashionista”

  1. I hadn’t read your blog for some time and was catching up on your posts when I found your post about wives submitting to their husbands. I had a good laugh and copied/pasted your comments to my husband, the Christian counselor. He loved your comments and will probably quote you in his work. It is amazing how the second part of the verse is so often omitted.
    As for your daughter, what a cool character she is growing up to be. Enjoy her. Soon she will be grown and gone.

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