Fashion Statements

lookin good

I actually have an entire slide show I’m compiling of Ruthie’s public fashion statements, but I just couldn’t resist this one from the other day. Temps were in the 70’s, but she insisted on wearing the fuzzy winter tights. Notice, also, that she is watching her feet as she walks because her shoes are ‘so beautiful.’ As we walked through town on our way to get hair cuts, at least five people commented on what great tights she was wearing. She was very proud.

6 thoughts on “Fashion Statements”

  1. IT must be a little girl thing. Hannah does the exact same thing. I call it her own unique sense of style. Ruthie has that unique sense of style as well.

  2. those are the most fabulous tights I’ve ever seen. I would wear those tights. if I could find them in my size, which would not be humanly possibly.

    Viva l’Argyle! or whatever . . . so what if the dress doesn’t match . . .

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