Farm Fresh Jen

IMG_6458.JPGI have returned from a very full and fun day away with Jenny and Andrew, visiting friends two hours away in Ellensburg.

Watching my daughter running around on a farm, barefoot and wearing a pretty summer dress, took my breath away. Watching my son’s excitement at touching a real, live horse for the first time took my breath away.

Realizing the colossal amount of lyrics to 80’s music known by Jenny took my breath away.

Have you ever been gone for just a little while and felt like you’d slipped into the time warp of Neverland or Oz, only to return and find everything just as it was when you left it?

It was just a day, yet I find myself wandering around the house, touching things, looking in the cupboards, wondering what has changed while I was away.

But nothing has changed: newspapers on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, happy dog to greet me. Tomorrow will be a regular day to enjoy right here at home with new things to explore in our own back yard.

It was good to be gone, but it’s great to be home.

5 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Jen”

  1. It’s good to know that my ridiculous propensity for remembering song lyrics has finally found the respect it deserves. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I didn’t know that about Jenny. I think we need to have a sing off…I might give you a run for your money!

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