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A couple months ago when I started working with Bryan at Lilipip, I was really excited about the creative part of my job – all the writing and aspects of putting together a great animation. But I felt very overwhelmed by the operations tasks I was taking on – namely the multiple bank accounts and slough of monthly bills.

One day I lamented to my friend about how I can barely manage my household finances or stay on top of the accounts for our consulting business, and now I was taking on even MORE?

She very cheerfully said, “Well, when you make some money you can hire someone else to do all that for you!”

Well, my friends, I have arrived.

This month we hired a part time Operations Admin and she is FABULOUS. She does all the work that makes my head hurt, and I kinda think she likes it. I don’t know HOW or WHY she likes it – all I know is she doesn’t groan and pull her hair and curl up into a ball like I do.

p.s. Her name is Fancy. Isn’t that AWESOME?

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